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School Newsletter - November 2021



Influences & Influencers: Strategies to talk about the facts and fiction of programming content
Susan Foley - Health Educator

I do not watch much television. By the time I reach the end of the day and the dishes are done, the dog walked, and laundry folded, my bed is a more favorable option than trying to stay awake for a program.

My television habits took an unexpected turn several years ago, when looking for an opportunity to spend more one on one with my high school son, I jumped at the chance when he suggested we watch a popular Netflix series together.  Not long after our first series was complete, Covid struck, providing us with time to check out several other programs together.  Watching several series from various platforms opened my eyes to not only the considerable access he has to content, but also the surprising amount of drug use and sexual acts included in the content he has so readily available. Several times I interrupted our viewing by shouting out “that isn’t true!” or “that isn’t what really goes on in high school!”.   In response, each time he would give me an exasperated look, and reply, “I KNOW!”  but I always wondered if he truly did.



Do you get questions about what EXACTLY students will learn during our programs?

Good News! We have an entire section of our website that you can direct them towards. We focus on our sex education programs, but if you or a parent needs further clarification about any of our programming, we're here to help. 



With US Aid Money, Schools Put Bigger Focus on Mental Health

US News & World Report

Schools across the U.S. are using portions of the windfall of federal coronavirus relief money to quickly expand their capacity to address students’ struggles with mental health.

In Kansas City, Kansas, educators are opening an after-school mental health clinic staffed with school counselors and social workers. Schools in Paterson, New Jersey, have set up social emotional learning teams to identify students dealing with crises. Chicago is staffing up “care teams” with the mission of helping struggling students on its 500-plus campuses.



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Counterfeit prescription pills loaded with fentanyl a growing menace in overdose crisis. ‘It scares the hell out of me.’

Chicago Tribune

It’s hard to be sure what Alissa Saunders thought she was taking the night she died of a drug overdose — a ground-up Percocet, maybe, or a pulverized bar of Xanax.

One thing seems clear enough, though: She didn’t know it was fentanyl.



Drug Education Information Newsletter

Fall Edition: Opioid & Prescription Drugs

Provide parents with resources to talk to their students about opioids & prescription drugs. Including how they work, the effects on the developing brain, and age-appropriate conversation starters.



What does the Illinois Youth Survey cover?

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • Beliefs about drug use
  • Health and nutritional behaviors
  • Feelings about school
  • Family support and rules about alcohol use



Tanjlisa Williams

Director of Operations

Tanjlisa joined Candor Health Education as the Director of Operations in October 2021. She comes with experience in the profit and non-profit sector as an Operations Director. She has an MBA and Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Tanjlisa is also a United States Air Force veteran who served in 2002-2007.

She joined the Candor team because she feels her personal values are aligned with Candor’s mission and values. Tanjlisa is married with two boys and a Victorian Bulldog named Blu. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, reading and writing; she is a published author of two fictional novels.

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