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Increased Physical Inactivity Amongst Young People
Dan Delgado- Health Educator
Candor Health Education

The negative health outcomes of physical inactivity have been known for a long time and include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and premature mortality (Puccinelli et al., 2021). Physical inactivity has been an ongoing national health issue, and the complications of becoming or staying active during the pandemic have only exacerbated the issue. How can we begin to address this?



Virtual Body Trek - June 20-24 - 11am-1pm

Our one week science camp, Body Trek, is quickly approaching. Join our team leaders for a fun and engaging virtual experience from June 20-24. The camp will run every day from 11am to 1pm and includes interactive games, activities, experiments and dissections. Perfect for students entering grades 5-8 that are science nuts! 



Before You Say It, Don't
Peyton Hammon - Business Development Assistant
Candor Health Education

Women on women projection is generational. Our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and other female figures in our lives are all victims of this type of projection. The hard truth is, we have carried on this tradition since the beginning of women’s oppression.



As Fatal Drug Overdoses Rise Among Teenagers, is U.S. Drug Education Working?


Joseph Friedman, a public health researcher at the University of California and lead author of the JAMA study, says U.S. drug education programs that focus on abstinence do not prepare children to stay alive in the face of a changing drug supply.



Comprehensive Sex Education as Violence Prevention

Harvard Medical School

It’s #SexEdForAll month, yet most people still believe sex education is just about sex. But it’s so much more than that. As a young woman from rural Appalachia, I’m well aware that until people learn what sex education truly is, it won’t be widely accepted in our society.



Two-thirds of low income women don't have the money to buy basic menstrual  products. To help those in need, we're collecting menstrual products. It's easy, the link below takes you to an Amazon page showing what's needed  and you can order right there.



Helen Baker

Health Educator

Helen has spent most of her 20-year education career in 5th-12th grade classrooms designing and teaching culturally informed History and Studio Art curricula. In 2017 she was honored to receive University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator award.

She holds degrees from Salem College (BA) and University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (MA). She is a birth and postpartum doula committed to reproductive justice and birth advocacy work. Currently, Helen is working towards the completion of her MSW with plans to seek clinical licensure.

She views her work with Candor Health as a natural extension of her belief in the need to empower individuals through evidence-based programming in order to help them make informed decisions affecting their health and well-being. She and her spouse are raising their two daughters in the Western suburbs and enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.

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